Children birthday party ideas to make every child's birthday memorable and fun. Magician clown and characters like super hero's. Magic tricks gags balloons. Fun Fun Fun!!!

I am very happy to be ushering in a new year.  Wow 2013, can that be real?  Just days away!  What does this year hold for us as a people, you and me as individuals.  Here is my to do list to make 2013 the best ever.

#1  Get a memo pad to carry with me always and jot down those things to do and list as they come to my mind and as things pop up.  So I can refer to it several times a day!

#2 Do it now. and I am talking about the to do list. At least do the 4 most important things on the list every day.  If I can’t finish the list at least I have checked off the 4 most important things. Add to the list every day.

#3 Ask God for help on getting things done.  We can ask Him for wisdom and He will give it to us liberally.

Commit to this with me for 2013 and let me know how it is going after the 1st week then every week after that and we will do it together!   Steven S. Goodman

Steve Goodman is a children’s and family entertainer in the Indianapolis, Indiana area and is the owner and operator of


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