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Restaurant Magic

Goody’s Magic – Indianapolis Magician
I miss performing restaurants. When you arm yourself with say four tricks and walk up to 30 tables a night and perform those same tricks for each table you can get really good at those tricks. It goes to show you that repetition really is the mother of skill.

Steven Goodman


Magic show reviews for Goody’s Magic!

Mr Magic Steve,
I’m was not able to figure out how to write a review on the magic show you recently
put on for the kids on 12/3/11. They all had a wonderful time, especially your
assistant R.H. The staff said he talked about the show all evening. Again,
thanks for making such a wonderful impact on the young lives we serve. We truly
appreciate all you do for us.

Christmas Party!!! Holiday Fun!!!

The show must go on!  The Christmas party is close now and the committee did not hire the entertainment (magician of course). No worries and no need to bring a DVD of David Copperfield reruns.  Call a magician in the area for some simple performance ideas and have someone in the office do some magic or sing or something. Orrrr get some of your bad selves together and do a funny skit for everyone.  People will have a hoot seeing their coworkers up there working the stage!

Yours truly Magical  Entertainer Steve Goodman