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Birthday Party check off list!

Here is a check off list to help you plan your next party!

4 Weeks Before:
__ Set a date and time for the birthday party
__ Decide on a location and make reservations
__ Create a guest list and determine size of party
__ Create a budget for the party
… __ Plan your activities and games
__ Plan your menu and drinks
__ Decide on a party theme
__ Purchase your party supplies
__ Schedule entertainment (Clowns, etc)
__ Ask a friend or relative to help at the birthday party

3 weeks
__ Send out invitations and directions
__ Purchase balloons, party favors and game prizes
__ List any other supplies needed
__ Order rental equipment if needed
__ Purchase film and video tape
__ Purchase pinata, and fillers
__ Place guest list near the phone for easy access

2 weeks before

__ Select activities to entertain the children with
__ Order cake or buy supplies to make your own
__ Finalize your menu
__ Purchase candles and matches
__ Purchase and wrap gifts for the birthday child

‎1 Week Before:
__ Call guests who have not responded yet
__ Plan for additional help if needed
__ Confirm reservations if needed
__ Schedule activities
… __ Confirm cake order if not making your own
__ Bake & freeze unfrosted cake if making your own
__ Fill party favor bags or pinatas
__ Start any heavy cleaning
__ Buy freezable foods

Day of the party:
__ Finish any last minute decorations
__ Pick up cake
__ Frost and decorate home made cake
__ Set out party supplies
… __ Fill or pick up balloons
__ Place crafts and prizes near the table
__ Place presents near the table
__ Put any pets away
__ Decorate outdoor areas (Place balloons on mailbox)
__ Set up the food on the table
__ Smile and have a great time


Honor the birthday child first.

When making your birthday party plans and when you are not having a planed party always honor the birthday person (child or adult) with some recognition and appreciation. Let’s give that person some positive attention right before the big day, on the birthday and even talk about what happened that was fun during the birthday. I mean squeeze everything out of it.
I remember growing up with one of my siblings that was 3 years and two days younger than me. Yes our birthdays were 2 days apart; however they always celebrated our birthdays separately. We each had our own cake and sung to on our day!

Steven Goodman

How many of your child’s friends should you invite to their birthday party!

The number of friends your child should be allowed to invite corresponds to his of her age. Like if the birthday person is 5 then invite 5 friends for a fun party. As the child ages the number of invites also increases.
Steven Goodman

Party tip #1 Birthday parties

Send out invitations 4 weeks before the scheduled date. That way you can give your guest 2 weeks to RSVP back. After that I suggest you call the ones you have not heard from to see if they will be coming. You have plenty of time to get ready for the correct number of guest.. If you are hiring a magician I suggest you get one the specializes in birthday parties! For more information go to

Indianapolis Indiana Magicians: The Steve Goodman blog post

I am excited to be performing at the Childrens’s Bureau again the first Saturday in December of 2011.  This will be my third time back.  This is also my first blog so here is a little about me.  I am a Entertainer/ Magician in Indianapolis In. I do magic shows for  children’s birthday parties mostly.  I will be posting party ideas on this blog. have a good day.

Steven S. Goodman