Children birthday party ideas to make every child's birthday memorable and fun. Magician clown and characters like super hero's. Magic tricks gags balloons. Fun Fun Fun!!!

Birthday Photography


When you have a birthday party for your child I encourage you to take lots of pictures. Sometimes hard for host to do plus stay on top of everything. So have someone that has a camera to take pictures and share them with you (try to set that up in advance).

Indianapolis Magician Steven Goodman

Indianapolis Magician
Steven Goodman
Birthday parties, Family gatherings and even corporate functions will never be the same when you introduce the zany magical fun of Steve Goodman. A one hour show that includes Rover the mind reading dog that will keep people howling with fun and laughter. Sponge balls that disappear and reappear in your own hands. Lots of audience participation with everyone getting involved. Call now for your party entertainment!
Phone (317) 345-7574

melanie.barnard… 01/28/2013

Steve Goodman did a wonderful job at my daughter’s 7th birthday party! He had the kids cracking up the whole time and instead of just doing some tricks, he had some jokes to go along with them that all of the kids really enjoyed. I would definitely recommend him! Thanks!

I was having this silly conversation with my wife the other day it went like this.

Marci said Steve we are going to get 2 to 4 more inches of snow.     Steve Said 34 inches of snow!
Marci, No 2 to 4 inches.
Steve, 24 inches!!!
Marci, No 2 to 4 inches
Steve, 2,2,4 inches… How many feet is that!

I am very happy to be ushering in a new year.  Wow 2013, can that be real?  Just days away!  What does this year hold for us as a people, you and me as individuals.  Here is my to do list to make 2013 the best ever.

#1  Get a memo pad to carry with me always and jot down those things to do and list as they come to my mind and as things pop up.  So I can refer to it several times a day!

#2 Do it now. and I am talking about the to do list. At least do the 4 most important things on the list every day.  If I can’t finish the list at least I have checked off the 4 most important things. Add to the list every day.

#3 Ask God for help on getting things done.  We can ask Him for wisdom and He will give it to us liberally.

Commit to this with me for 2013 and let me know how it is going after the 1st week then every week after that and we will do it together!   Steven S. Goodman

Steve Goodman is a children’s and family entertainer in the Indianapolis, Indiana area and is the owner and operator of